What size Sand Dollars do I need?

 We exchange many sand dollars because the wrong size is ordered. Many times we hear "The size I chosen seemed like the size I needed but now that I am looking at them they are to large/small for what I need." When asked if they used a tape measure or ruler they say "No, it just seemed like the size I needed."
    The smaller sand dollars are easy enough to compare to coins in pictures such the way we do in our images and descriptions but after reaching 2" and above is when most errors take place.


Simplest way to figure what size sand dollars you need.
Simply use a ruler or tape measure and guesstimate by placing your finger near the size sand dollar you think you need and then look at the size on the ruler or tape measure where your finger is. Then match it up to a size on our site. This works okay but can sometimes be tricky because just a half inch can make a big difference when placed on your craft, project, place setting or when attempting to write on them.


A more accurate way to find the correct size needed
    Draw a few circles on a piece of paper roughly the size you think you need and not concerning yourself with any measurements at this time.


Cut them out with a pair of scissors and match them up to
your invitations, place settings or projects and choose
the size that best fits your taste or needs.


Then measure straight across from one edge to
the other with a tape measure or ruler.


Or, if you believe you already know the size you need.
Lets say that someone suggest a 3" sand dollar to you. Draw a 3" line on a piece of paper and draw a rough circle around it then cut it out.



Now place it in your craft, setting or project to see if that is the size needed.


The best way to receive the right size sand dollars.
   If you are going to be ordering a large quantity and have a little extra time you can order samples of a few different sizes from our site. We do not have a minimum order amount on our website because we know that samples are sometimes needed for you to make your final decision.
  If you decide to buy samples from QualityShells.com just add them to your cart then choose 1st class mail for the most economical rate, complete the checkout process and place your order.
   You will receive a confirmation email immediately after placing your order and another when it is shipped which will include tracking information. We usually ship the same or next day depending on how late in the day you place your order.